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Unique Living Room Unit Designs

Unique Living Room Unit Designs

Tv Cabinet Designs For Living Room 22 Marvellous Ideas Unit Design
Tv Cabinet Designs For Living Room 22 Marvellous Ideas Unit Design

Typical house design consists of various types of space that are categorized according to their main function. The living room is the most important space in any house. This is the room with the maximum area in the plan. Regardless of the variety of shapes, the size and volume of the living room depends on the design of each, one thing is common in all types of living rooms and that is their need to have an inviting nature. This inviting nature can be achieved by using some easy design principles such as the use of bright colors.

If lighting is used with this color then a very magical color game can be used to improve
living room
Lighting is mainly categorized in two types 1) Natural Lighting (Direct sunlight) and 2) Artificial lighting.

1) Natural Sunlight.

The natural light received from the Sun is the most obvious and healthy light source we receive during the day. Although the intensity and quantity of sunlight entering into space can be controlled by using
glasses or curtains scattered in the window.

When direct sunlight drops on the inner wall, the temporary wall color changes to a mixture of sunlight plus the original wall color. This particular phenomenon can be utilized.
By finding out the walls that get direct sunlight and painting the walls with bright colors that are beautifully mixed and “reflections of light” can be made absolutely free. This “light reflection” will help in creating an atmosphere in the living room.

Also this shadow pattern on the wall will add some extra joy if used creatively.

2) Artificial Lighting.

Artificial lighting is a vast study area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterior designers. Unlike sunlight in this type of illumination every aspect of light, precisely from its color to its intensity or even its spreading area may be.
controlled with various controls.

Also depending on the needs of the living room, one or several lamps with various intensities can be used. But to create “gloomy” environmental lights are used in certain areas of the living room such as ceiling angles or along the edges of the room. In creating a mood it is necessary to hide the light source and only show its influence.

By hiding the light source using a “false ceiling” and projecting light on a brightly colored ceiling panel, such a mood can be created. In some cases, spot lights are also used to attract the attention of certain areas in the living room such as the circle created by the sofa set around the TV unit. The corner end table that comes with a nice living room set to create a decorative cover cover platform that will light the entire sofa set area for some extra lighting.

There are more ideas and methods that you can use to add some extra attention in the living room. I’m sure this article will help you to generate more of your own creative ideas to decorate the beautiful living room.

Living Room Living Room Storage Furniture Modest With Living Room Set In Gallery
Living Room Living Room Storage Furniture Modest With Living Room Set In Gallery

Living room in every home generally has the largest volume. The simple reason behind this is the living room which is considered a “gateway” to all the other internal spaces. But if an apartment block occurs in a crowded city, scarcity of space is a problem that leads to compact architectural planning.

This raises an apartment with a bare minimum space. Whatever happens, we can make a few changes to the internal design and presentation to create the look and feel of a larger living room. There is one very important thumb rule when having to play with the internal space. The brighter you will let into the room, the more the room will be considered as a large space as far as volume is concerned.

Also if you use a brighter color that will help evenly and evenly distributed light in all corners of the living room, it will be easier and easier to move from small to large.
perception of the room

There are several things we can consider here.

1) Avoid using heavy furniture such as large couches, wardrobes or bookcases that close the windows. Instead, if you use a sofa with a slim frame (like bamboo furniture), this will create more transparency and will help in the perception of more space. Also a storage unit such as a TV unit, a bookshelf if left open will reveal more wall surfaces behind it and reduce the “big” look.

In an empty interior space, the perception of “small or large” is usually decided depending on the dimension of space. The volume of space determined by wall, floor and ceiling boundaries determines the space. Aperture on the wall helps further in reducing the bulkiness of space.

Furthermore, when the furniture in accordance with the place, the importance or influence of the wall is reduced and so on
Attention will be focused on the furniture facade.
That is why it is necessary to use sleek furniture in smaller rooms, which will help reveal the true nature of a space.

2) Let more light into the living room by using light curtains. Instead use heavy-looking “valances” using simple semi-transparent curtains and if possible enough to reduce the glare that may be caused by direct sunlight.

3) Use a bright color scheme commonly known as the “hot” color scheme. This creates natural transmission and reflection of excellent light and illumination in the living room.

There is a different approach to determining the perception of the living room (or interior space) and that is the empty volume left behind after all the furniture and other accessories are installed. Because everything in our world is always “relative”. The volume perceived is always relative to the empty volume normally used for circulation. The more vacant volume you get, the bigger the room will look.

This is also true with the transmission of light in all spaces. The more you can get into the room the better for healthy habitat in the living room.

I hope this article is informative and will help you understand the concept of perception of a smaller and larger internal space.

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