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Awesome Dome Home Designs

Awesome Dome Home Designs

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The house can be built in almost any shape and size possible, stopping just at the limit of your imagination. But it’s no secret that certain shapes are more conducive to structure than others. Although many homes and buildings have unique and original designs, most of them have the same characteristics – their planar and rectangular faces. Planar building design is by far the most widely used, but the geodesic dome house has also gained popularity since back in the 60s and 70s. There are many benefits to the dome house, which only houses built into a dome shape – partly or entirely. They are unique in appearance as well as construction methods. Here is a list of the positive attributes that occur for geodesy homes:

Sustainability Due to the curved surface strength that is opposite to the flat, the dome house is much stronger against natural disasters – earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, even fires. Obviously, the material whose structure is made of much to do with it, as well as the method of construction.
* Certain manufacturers build what is called a monolithic dome house by using a technique that incorporates “air shapes” in which structural elements are added to stabilize the dome. The increased form of air to form dome shape and size, and polyurethane foam, steel rebar, and cement-based finishing are applied from the inside. The exterior layer is applied on the outside to complement the structure.
* The monolithic dome is a dome built in “one part” as described above, in contrast to which is a composite network of many triangular or hexagonal fields.

* Energy efficiency. The heat is both lost and absorbed through surfaces that have direct contact with the outside. Since the dome has the smallest surface area for a given volume, it basically provides better insulation. The smaller surface area equals the higher R value because of the lower surface area where the heat energy can be transferred.
*Environmentally friendly. The home dome is very green in terms of cost, needed building materials, and future maintenance and maintenance. It goes hand in hand with the two points above. Since the ball has the largest volume supplied to a particular surface area, there is a reason that it is also the most economical construction in terms of size and budget available.
* Dome housings use about 50% to 75% less materials to build than regular houses of the same volume – taking into account internal walls and the like to form an adequate non-dome structure. And because the dome design is very wind resistant and seismic activity, it has a relatively long lifespan, requiring very little maintenance. – All work together to make it a very green house.
Disadvantages and Disadvantages in Dome Homes

cool dome home design skysphere the ultimate solar powered man cave eco friendly
cool dome home design skysphere the ultimate solar powered man cave eco friendly

Dome Home Designs

* Not as much space that can be used. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of a dome house – the fact that for all the volumes it owns, the actual space it can use in this volume is limited. The crescent-shaped space is lost behind furniture pushed into the dome walls, and also the lack of headroom along the peripheral boundaries.
* Both initial construction and future additions depend on raw materials due to the unique shape of the dome. An outer shell, for example, often becomes a triangular network, requiring large numbers of irregularly shaped triangles that should generally be cut from rectangular material. Future improvements – additional walls, etc. – join the dome walls to be adjusted to follow the curved contours.
* Higher cost of plumbing and electrical installation. Electrical circuits, plumbing, and other utility cables, usually installed along the maze of walls and ceiling of the house. But because of the minimal number of walls in the dome house, all the cables and pipes must travel a much longer path, adding to the raw materials and working hours required.

Many joints are equal to many potential weaknesses. Unless it’s monolithic – which means “one piece” – the dome house has many layers. Such domes are susceptible to water and moisture damage through each of these layers, as well as attacks from the sun. Some designs use overlapping facial systems that ideally protect the joints from rain, but some are vulnerable to thermal damage due to sunlight.
* Due to the highly closed nature of the monolithic dome, they are even known to be too well sealed. This means a potentially humid, humid, and musty environment. Dehumidifiers are a must for monolithic dome unless you live in a very dry area.
* Dome house is not the best choice for those who hope to be resold sometime in the future. As you might have guessed, this type of design is rather a niche market for some, not many. Thus, potential buyers will also be limited.

Social Losses. Not that it matters, but neighbors might think of the dome house as a bad sight because of its “Starwars-like appearance” – especially when it’s in the middle of a model-type home row. It can also be linked directly to the above point on resale difficulties.
In conclusion – With the various pros and cons of domes that have been presented, the decision to choose this more major style of construction may be more a matter of personal preference than a “better” question. Different people have different perspectives and priorities, and both types have their respective advantages and disadvantages for them.
An alternative to going for one or the other, is both. You can experiment with hybrid construction styles, or have 2 separate buildings adjacent to each other – one dome and one rectangle. It will still be “part-green”, and gives you the best of both worlds. – Just an idea.

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